The Latins said Nomen omen: the name speaks for itself. Panna, cream, evokes indulgence, play, seduction. Malga Panna is all of this!

Malga Panna is a white and wooden space in the middle of the Moena pastures. A small farm building built in 1900 by Great-Grandfather for the Alpine pasture of cattle, it has shifted with the years and discovered its culinary vocation. A moment to share, offer and remember.


Located 1,400 metres beneath the Latemar woods, with a splendid vista of the Val di Fassa, less than two kilometres from the centre of Moena…it seems to be at the edge of the world.

Venerdì di Repubblica


In a world with a frenetic pace, treat yourself as a couple or in company.

…We are waiting for you
the staff of Malga Panna