Menu la carte


Roasted prawns, toasted pistachios and crunchy oxtail

Venison tartare, shallots creme brulée, rustic bread and smoked almonds

Fried egg in a crust of corn with spinach, taleggio cheese and Trentino truffle

Warm alpine char, mayonnaise with potatoes, chanterelles and maple leaves

Our snails at Bourguignonne style, and crunchy corn snails, porcini mushrooms and parsley gel

piatti d'apertura

First Courses

Pumpkin soup, suckling pig cappelletti, black cabbage and oil

Homemade tortelli with cream, veal sauce and Trentino truffle

Homemade pasta “tagliolini”, porcini mushrooms, parsley gel and mountain pine nuts

Homemade spätzle with herbs, fresh goat cheese and smoked bacon infused

Canederli with Puzzone di Moena cheese and white local butter cream

primi piatti

Main Courses

Roast turbot, “cardoncelli” mushrooms, black cabbage and broth of acid roots

Musk duck, endive with mulled wine, sunflower seeds and crispy polenta

Venison fillet, unripe apples, red cabbage, rye bread and pinot noir sauce

Composition of roast lamb, late Trevisano, white potatoes and mustard grains

Stewed venison with polenta (typical dish)

Selection of best cheeses from the Alps area with fruit marmelade and warm bread

Secondi piatti


Vanilla creme brulée with wild berries and ice cream

Lemon, gentian and licorice

Raspberry salad, roast pineapple, basil and elderflower ice cream

Bread, butter, hazelnuts and… passion

Coffee, citrus fruits, coconut praline and clementine oil

Cheeky chocolate 2019