“The awareness of living in a natural botanical garden reflects the image of a modern cuisine, strongly anchored in the tastes of memory.”

Alessandra Rozzi in “Grandecucina & wine”

“There are stories about Paolo Donei, a lowest common denominator: the rigorous search for a sense, striving towards a goal, a search that is not merely personal but involves the family, the people of the region, the land itself. It goes without saying that his words have in themselves the strength of memory and the energy of the project, the solidarity inherited from previous generations and the hope for a future that is largely yet to be shaped.”

The Kitchen

“Paolo Donei is the chef and owner; his kitchen offers a completely personal revision of the gastronomic culture of Trentino, from which he appropriates typical products (cheeses, mushrooms, game, herbs, berries…) and traditional methods of preservation, such as the smoking of meats and cheeses, preservation in brine and under fat, and drying. A kitchen that is therefore modelled on deep roots with the land, but which at the same time is modern and open to innovative experimentation.”