Tasting Menu


€ 115.00

(8 courses)



Mushrooms Pasta

Gin Tonic frozen

Wild herbs, yeast and bacon

Venison, basil and orange

Raspberry burger and foie gras

Choice of dessert

 Our herbal tea of wild herbs
petit four and friandise


A tavola con la fata delle Dolomiti

€ 70.00

Cuttlefish cooked in oil, sourdough bread, salted lemon and coal-cooked leek

Homemade pumpkin flakes, shrimp, milk curd and vermouth shellfish broth

Roasted chicken tortelli, Parmesan, hazelnuts, anise powder and spinach salad

Smoked Piglet, fried artichokes and mustard sabayon

Local cheese “Cher de Fasha” and wild blueberry chutney

Sablé with galanga root, gingerino jelly, citrus fruit and toasted peanuts ice cream

Secondi piatti


€ 95.00

(7 courses)

Little welcome from our kitchen

Deep fried egg in corn crust with spinach, taleggio cheese and Trentino truffle

Homemade Spätzle with wild celery, fresh cheese and smoked speck infusion

Roasted suckling lamb, corn, rosemary and peanut butter

Moena blue cheese, apricot salad and barley honey

Choice of dessert

Our wild herb infusion and little patisserie

Secondi piatti